2 thoughts on “TL Standard 5

  1. Katie, I enjoyed reading your reflection on standard 5 as you included multiple insights into your current practice as a teacher and how learning about multicultural education has impacted the way in which you approach and understand students, especially with regards to the cultural norms of your students. Further, it was cool to see how with each theme you took away from the class you provided explicit information regarding how it impacted a change in your classroom based on your new found learning. I can also sense your passion and concern for students when it comes to ELL support. How might you bring this concern up to the district? Have you thought about collaborating with other kindergarten teachers to gather necessary data to hopefully make a change in the programming? Your passion and determination may be just what the district needs :).

  2. Katie, your blog on Standard 5 seems thorough and complete. I enjoyed reading the specific examples of how you connected your learning to personal experience and what action you want to take now that you have learned more about this standard. One thought to consider is linking your final project from our culturally responsive class. That was the assignment where we took a familiar lesson and made it more culturally responsive, applying the learning gained from that class. However, when considering the rubric, I think you have satisfied the requirements! Well done.

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