Creativity holds a lot of meaning in my eyes, especially in education. Over the last 4 years of teaching, I have learned the importance of engaging students and student choice. Within that, there are a lot of opportunities for students to find ways to incorporate creativity within their work. I am lucky to say that my school is well known for exposing our students to the arts and encouraging creativity in every aspect of the classroom. Recently, I have been incorporating drama into my teaching. My students are using props and acting out stories daily. Last year, I provided my students with an opportunity to put on a play presentation that we invited our parents to. The students got to pick the story they wanted to act out. As a class we sat down and picked roles for the story then the students then wrote their own script for the play. Once the script was written the students then created their own costumes and after a lot of rehearsing, we performed on our stage for the parents and a few classes within the building.

What I learned from this experience is how much interest and ownership the students took in their own work and learning. They were dedicated and motivated to make it the absolute best they possibly could. After watching my students use creativity in a way that boosted learning and performance I have been intrigued to find other ways, programs to get the same results.

This week I was able to explore a new program called WeVideo.  I was pleasantly surprise at how easy and fun this program was to use.  I was asked to film small clips equaling 10 minutes of footage about my life. Using WeVideo, I clipped the footage down to a 3 minute video. Video editing was all new learning for me and I was very happy to realize its simplicity. I feel that this program could be a fun way for my students to use. Being Kindergartners, they would need a little assistance from their parents with recording. However, it would be very doable for us to put a small clip from each student into one video and work together on it. It would also be fun to take small clips during the school year, field trips etc. and then at the end of the year put it together to make a small video montage of the kindergarten year that I could send home with each child. It would be a simple and fun way to remember some of the best times in kindergarten!


One thought on “Creativity

  1. Katie I love the idea of using video clips to create an end of the year memorabilia to share your exploration over the year. Since you are incorporating drama and theater in your reading program this year, it may be fun to video tape your classes progression throughout the year!

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