Collaboration has always been a very important part of my school as well as within my school district. Over the years the district has provided teachers with several different tools to collaborate within our teams, buildings, and district. A few years ago, OneNote was the program that our school district required teachers to use. My team and I personally made great use from this program. We would use OneNote as a place to upload any documents, notes from meetings, projects, and collaboration ideas. We would often create flipcharts and post them on OneNote and share access with other surrounding schools to support the work smarter, not harder idea. OneNote was great for the first year or so, but the program quickly faded out.

Last year, LWSD introduced a program called Haiku. In my eyes, Haiku was designed 100% around communication and collaboration. This year, every teacher is required to have a Haiku page live and active for parents and students to access. Teachers have the abiltiy to make it as complicated or simple as they would like. You are able to upload assignments, projects, newsletters and much more. My team, administrator and school are using this program for much more than just parent and student communication. My team has created a kindergarten haiku page for just the teachers. On this page, we upload and collect data for our CIP goal every month. We use this information in our monthly meetings with our principal to share our progress in meeting our goals. We track our level 4 students and our students that are not meeting standard and the students that are approaching standard. We collaborate and provide strategies and methods for helping to meet the needs for our students. Haiku has become a wonderful and easy way to communicate, collaborate and access all types of information needed with my kindergarten team, administrator, students and parents. I hope my school district decides to keep Haiku around for many years to come, I feel there is wonderful potential in this newly adopted program.



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