Week 5 Research

This week I explored many new ways to include technology into research. I spent time viewing and using different search engines to see how useful they were in finding applicable information on my research topic. I also looked into how using technology in my classroom aids learning in early childhood. I also spent a lot of time looking into the benefits of student choice. Research shows that students are more likely to be engaged and complete their work when the are able to decide what they are studying. It also mentioned that too many choices can demotivate them as well. It is important to find that happy medium.

I am excited to incorporate and tie all of these things into my classroom for a project in the upcoming months. I will allow my students to pick an animal to study. They will then research their topic using a online research database. They will have the choice of using technology to create their presentations or doing a hard copy. All students will be presenting their projects to their classmates.

This week, looking at the research behind the benefits of project-based learning rather than taking an assessment, and allowing student choice really confirmed my choice for how to present material and the steps the take to research are helping their learning. This overall will allow for better retention and recollection of the information they researched. As well as the information they hear from other student presentations.


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